Jadzia Parfitt

I finished the book you brought in 

for me yesterday, and it made me feel so many emotions!

I really feel like this book changed me, and I want everyone to read it to 

understand how I feel!  It was beautifully written and full of raw emotion. 

Dr S Felix

MasterDerm Clinic & Stem Cell Centre

'I have always been impressed by the care you give to Gabriele, and it is very interesting to hear his “view” of his journey.


Very entertaining, very well presented, but above it all, a good perspective in what patients go through their life journey with medical illness. As a doctor, to learn from a patients perspective is amazingly rewarding and insightful.'

Marisa Parker

Award-winning author, Marisa Parker 

'An enthralling read. How amazing to see rural Italy through Gabriele's eyes in the 1940s; and then, as an immigrant to Australia from 1952, up to the present day.


What a life that has been lived; compellingly retold by wife, Bettina.' 


I have been absolutely hooked reading Gabby's fascinating life story that you have scribed so incredibly well- It's an excellent read that takes the imagination on the vivid journey that is his life story. The twists and turns in his life story are far more sincerely emotional, relatable and intriguing than many life stories that I've read of certain famous people. 

 How did you possibly capture his humorous, delightful and admirable character so perfectly into words? Incredible indeed.

Carol GU   

MD, Stem Cell Specialist

'Gabriele - the most mature RP patient we've ever had, yet the most tenacious, at the age of 87, he never gave up the pursuit of his dreams.


As a doctor, I've learned so much from him and his beautiful wife Bettina. I'm deeply touched by their Inside Love story. I truly believe that one-day miracle will happen.'

Shelley Lee Wilson   

Author of Best Autobiography -

'The Buffalo Thorn.' 

'OMG! I've just started and I love it already. I can't put it down!!'

Lily Garbett   

11 years old

This was a beautiful story that inspired me to be brave and put myself out there to try new things. It painted an image in my head and every little detail stuck, not many books can do that. The poems throughout made words dance on the page, Bettina has a talent and she has used it wonderfully. The storytelling is amazing and I encourage anyone who loves a giggle, a cry and a world of imagination to dive in and read it.