Hi, my name is Bettina, 


Welcome to my website, so glad you took the time

To find out what I’m offering, it’s simply words that rhyme.

We’re all so good at talking, from waking time to bed.

And still in dreams the words go-round, we speak, but nothing’s said.


So how important are these words we use with little thought?

From first breath tiny ears hear sounds, and then ... we learn to talk.

And now we have the power, a strength beyond belief,

To make or break a nation, to give happiness or grief.


So armed with such a wealth of words, we need to use them well.

But hard to choose, which words to use... don’t fret, that’s what I sell.

Well it’s really not the words I sell, (can’t sell you what comes free)

It’s the juggle and the struggle, the rhythm that holds the key.


I have a few that you might like, to brighten up your day

A thoughtful gift ? to give a lift ? or you’d so much like to say?

And now at 83, an amazing hurdle jumped.

At last my husband’s book I wrote, and believe me, friends...

                                          I’M PUMPED!!

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I was born in 1936, and lived and married in Geelong Victoria. By the age of 26, I had been blessed with four beautiful children, Rhonda, David, Greg and Tracey. They had a happy childhood playing around with their horses, beach buggies on our 4-acre mini-farm.

My first marriage lasted for 31 years.


Gabriele came along and changed my life, and in 1990, my name; to Bettina Ricciuti. We travelled to Queensland, bought a house and car cleaning business, then managed a Caravan Park in Tweed Heads for nine years, and are now happily retired here. Thankfully, all my children and families now live in this beautiful area.

My need to create has taken many diverse artistic forms, from wall murals to glass painting. At fifty, I wrote my first poem, amazed at how easily I express myself in poetry. In 1993, I published my first poetry book. “My Life Through a Looking Glass”. I have urgent plans to publish my next book of poetry. God willing!


Now, at 83, I have found another interest to add to my many others by writing my beloved husband’s early life, and our shared adventures in this Biography. We have so far, shared 32 years together.​

This book is not the end of our story .......... 


If Gabriele’s reluctant arrival into this world in 1931 was any indication, then his life was destined to be one eventful, amazing journey.


In 1943, his idyllic, simple life with his loving family in the little Italian town of Ripa Teatina, Abruzzo, was shattered by World War II. Surrounded by deprivation and tragedy, looking for scraps of food, Gabriele would have serious conversations with his beloved donkey Rosina, telling her … “I need you to concentrate, and take me through these mine fields without stepping on any ...”


In 1952, Gabriele accepts the offer from the Australian Government of promised paid work. He survives 42 horrific days on a rust bucket ship, the infamous SS Hellenic Prince, to become an inmate of the Bonegilla Migrant Camp.


Gabriele’s beautifully written biography starts in Italy and the horrors of war and then, moves to Australia, taking the reader from the intensity of Ingham’s cane fields in far North Queensland, down the East Coast of Australia to Geelong in Southern Victoria, to finally settle in the Queensland / New South Wales border town of beautiful Tweed Heads. 


Australia—through Gabriele’s experiences—is significant in its historical importance.


Gabriele’s spirited character would see him through many trials and tribulations. He could never have imagined, that the worst was still to come ...


Yet ...  it is a love story throughout.


Thanks for joining!